Thursday, August 21, 2008

The 12 Step Program to Americas Addiction to Foreign Resources, Special Interests and, Partisanship.

This plan is national diet for federal fitness, push-ups of American growth and, working are way to prosperity. The pillars of the plan are to grease the gears of the American engine and, to establish peace with economic justice. The plan is redirects resources to solve national problems and, gives the government the tools needed to cure are problem at the Capitol Hill Clinic.

Step 1. The savings left over will be $650.6 billion dollars used to fund a universal health system.

Step 2. Open trade with Cuba as a oil producing partner and, to stop a partnership from with Russia in the new Cold War. The GDP NET will be around $220 billion dollars and 72,000 new jobs. This can be done with leverage from frozen Cuban funds with 50 years of interest to form a exclusivity treaty on oil drilling in Cuba and, exclusivity on all oil refinery contracts in Cuba.

Step 3. Stop all failed aid and grant programs. Saving $25 Billion dollars and, use it to fund a government university for veterans or the bottom 10% of the poverty line free of charge.

Step 4. Require employers to E-verify all employees on their tax return, the tax net would be around $66.3 billion dollars and, it would reclaim 20 million American jobs that equals $2.4 trillion dollars in wages stolen from working Americans. The unemployment rate is now at 5.7% which means 17.2 million people with 20 million jobs to reclaim and, that means a 2.8 million job surplus. If we revoke all benefits for illegal aliens we can save $125 billion dollars.

Step 5. A 15% tax increase on the sale of stocks owned less then 90 days to stop fast sell outs and, make the loss worse then the then stock loss to avoid sell outs. It would take a more than 15% quarterly market loss to sustain a depression under this plan. This plan would also push growth profit ratio's to over 15% to sell which would raise the volume of growth and, keep growth at 5% to 7%.

Step 6. Allow offshore drilling and oil sands mining with a requirement of a new refinery to gain a permit for oil sands or more then 7 wells and, a 15 month deadline for production to maintain new drilling permits along with unused existing ones. Allow a dollar for dollar tax credit on green technology research to actually get us green energy in the 20 years that the market needs. The benefits are 168,000 new jobs and, up to 27 million more barrels of oil per day in the next 3 years.

Step 7. A dollar per dollar tax deduction on stocks that are owned for more then 6 months to create a 40% decrease in stock sell outs with stronger quarters.

Step 8. Create a federal Human Rights watch list and tax goods from it's members at 7.5% and, other retroactive punishments. Earning $220 billion dollars from China alone.

Step 9. Consolidate the DOJ, DOD, NSC and, DHS to improve function and stop waste. The savings are at $115 billion dollars and, it makes us much safer with voice in the form of the Department of National Security.

Step 10. Reduce costs of all government bought materials by at least 15% by better shopping habits. savings $50 billion dollars.

Step 11. New Performance standards for education to take money from poor performers. It would tax net $22 billion dollars and, increase education standards by 7%.

Step 12. Withdraw from overseas bases and make them get their own Army because, we are not theirs. It will save $47 billion dollars and, better protect the national interest at home. It will not effect are defense ability and, we can respond through technology in hours or minutes any way.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ways we Could Save Your Tax Dollars

The License Plate's are $15-$30 depending whether you are 1 or 2 plate state under my plan I have designed a State bumper sticker program with example below.

This License Plate program would cost $1-$3 for plates and, a better system. The Plates glow in the dark, they mark the state infront of their Driver License number, the right corner has the expiration date, a encrypted barcode above the Driver License number, the county below and, the left corner lists the car in order. We have options to cut costs and, bring us to the new eara.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bush Fails to Represent Interests in Georgia

Mr. Bush fails to represent America's Interest in the Georgia crisis and, he pandered to european diplomats afraid of the bad they made. To make a genuine diplomatic solution you need neutralitysuch as in the Sarkozy plan and, this shows that Mr. Bush may be trying to provoke a war with Russia. All 3 parties are guilty in this crisis of some crime to include the Georgian Army's genocide and, the main issue is that the Russians are only backing up Bush foreign policy in the form of Kewait of Kosovo. The fact is Russia is only following Mr. Bush by starting a war for oil and, helping us by hurting european markets.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I am Drew Cusumano for the Made In America Council and, I am the President of the Council. The Councils goal is to make our nation srong again and, to make our system match working americans more demographically. If you work, if love your nation and, if feel we can do better? We work to make your life better and, to stop the betrayal of America. Today the top 1% of our nation are selling your future to communist China, illegal immigrant slaves who work for only dollars a day and, big Saudi oil in the form of economic warfare. We need to turn the tide and, prove to the world that we are Ameri "cans."We need to push for the enforcement of banking and, trade laws which already ban this criminal cancer. We need to fix the economic injustice and, bring law & order to the top 1%. We need to restore the economy and, bring back power standing in the world. We need require compay's to report their budgets to ICE so we can stop the employment of immigrant slaves and, bring their captors to justice. We have in 8 years lost an average of $1200 dollars a month per person, we have 2-5% growth a quarter though and, tells every one where your money went. We have almost 6% unemployment but, we have 2-5% growth. We have $4 gas prices but we have 12% growth in oil. We have had a crime against a nation and, we must push washington for change. I am a American not Chinese and, most certainly not a Saudi! The only issue is why washington cannot see this? Not words but, in what speaks louder? Action! Yo D.C. we are Ameri "cans" and, so how about you?