Friday, August 15, 2008

I am Drew Cusumano for the Made In America Council and, I am the President of the Council. The Councils goal is to make our nation srong again and, to make our system match working americans more demographically. If you work, if love your nation and, if feel we can do better? We work to make your life better and, to stop the betrayal of America. Today the top 1% of our nation are selling your future to communist China, illegal immigrant slaves who work for only dollars a day and, big Saudi oil in the form of economic warfare. We need to turn the tide and, prove to the world that we are Ameri "cans."We need to push for the enforcement of banking and, trade laws which already ban this criminal cancer. We need to fix the economic injustice and, bring law & order to the top 1%. We need to restore the economy and, bring back power standing in the world. We need require compay's to report their budgets to ICE so we can stop the employment of immigrant slaves and, bring their captors to justice. We have in 8 years lost an average of $1200 dollars a month per person, we have 2-5% growth a quarter though and, tells every one where your money went. We have almost 6% unemployment but, we have 2-5% growth. We have $4 gas prices but we have 12% growth in oil. We have had a crime against a nation and, we must push washington for change. I am a American not Chinese and, most certainly not a Saudi! The only issue is why washington cannot see this? Not words but, in what speaks louder? Action! Yo D.C. we are Ameri "cans" and, so how about you?

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