Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bush Fails to Represent Interests in Georgia

Mr. Bush fails to represent America's Interest in the Georgia crisis and, he pandered to european diplomats afraid of the bad they made. To make a genuine diplomatic solution you need neutralitysuch as in the Sarkozy plan and, this shows that Mr. Bush may be trying to provoke a war with Russia. All 3 parties are guilty in this crisis of some crime to include the Georgian Army's genocide and, the main issue is that the Russians are only backing up Bush foreign policy in the form of Kewait of Kosovo. The fact is Russia is only following Mr. Bush by starting a war for oil and, helping us by hurting european markets.

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Crian Padayachee said...

I totally agree with you on the last line Drew, it is a shame that America no longer has a leg to stand on to criticize Russia. After what we did in Iraq regarding oil, its awfully hypocritical and that is exactly what the world will percieve if America takes a hardline against Russia.